Project Description

Reinvigorating a Masthead

The Gippslander Newspaper is a free monthly paper with a distribution covering all six shires of Gippsland and an estimated readership of 90,000.

The paper focuses on the arts, tourism, towns of the region and has regular sections devoted to markets, music, house and garden with other semi regular features on antiques and a financial column . It takes a lighthearted and fun approach to the news and required a revamp to more accurately reflected the paper’s personality.

Increasing the power of the Gippslander masthead was the first task followed by the integration of many new graphic devices such as information breakouts and a map system for the editorial layouts. Great improvement in the image enhancement processes also added to the perception that the paper had moved to a new level – which it consequently did as a result of the makeover.

The greatly improved and an energetic design approach has measurably increased the Gippslander’s value in the eyes of its readership and advertisers and effectively enhanced the publication’s future growth prospects.