Project Description

    Refresh for valuable South Gippsland resource

    South Gippsland Seed Bank (SGSB), a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers and based in the industrial estate of Leongatha, is a growing community resource offering site specific seed and seeding methodology advice and facilitation for indigenous revegetation projects within their region.

    The team at SGSB wanted to get online with the goals of:

    1. Developing an online presence that gets found in web searches.
    2. As a distribution point for the brochure, pricelist and planting guides.
    3. Accessing a user friendly back-end for easy updates by SGSB volunteers.
    4. Answering frequently asked questions from interested parties.
    5. Demonstrating capabilities to potential customers.
    6. Attracting like-minded, passionate volunteers.
    7. Attracting and training quality seed collectors.

    Their new website performs all these functions in a clear and logically presented site that further develops the SGSB ‘brand’ with a refreshed logotype.

    In addition to the new website and logotype KahrenR Design created a new brochure utilising an excellent, existing photo library of indigenous plants, seeds and a sample of the many successfully completed revegetation projects.

    The South Gippsland Seed Bank is doing a great job of growing its ‘business’ with the help of its committed volunteers. With a refreshed brand and well thought out online presence the Seed Bank is now set to develop the strength of the organisation even further.