Whether it be a community event, fundraiser, conference exhibition or product display – professional graphic design can greatly enhance your uptake…

Have a great event that you want to grow stronger with more professional branding?

Are you organising a fundraiser and want to draw bigger sponsors?

Have a product display booked and want to maximise the opportunity?

Your organisation is putting together an industry conference and you want to attract the right people?

You have a new exhibition concept and you want to really make it pop?

Events, whether they be community events to bring locals together and/or tourism dollars to your area, a fundraiser designed to strengthen local institutions, an industry conference developed to educate stakeholders, a product display to attract new customers or an exhibition on a subject that matters to your community, all require a concerted marketing effort!

KahrenR Design is uniquely placed to work with  you in developing all your marketing collateral – websitesemail campaigns, press ads, brochures, flyers and posters, programs, Powerpoint presentations, invitations, banner design and logotype identities.

Event Graphics

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Event Programs, Brochures & Flyers

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Press Ads

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