Project Description

Social enterprise meets online shopping

Buy to Benefit was designed as a social enterprise. The concept was created to develop a sustainable fundraising platform that can support and promote a wide range of charities. The goal was to capture 20% of shoppers’ spending and channel it towards community causes without any cost to the shopper. Every shopper could make a difference to society when they Buy to Benefit.

On average, Australian consumers allocate less than 1/300th of their income to charity as a donation. If some of what they would normally spend on home wares, leisure, gifts and personal products could be channeled to make the ratio 1/5th (20%), without any effect on the shopper, a lot more could be done to benefit our community.

A number of high profile charities came on board at the inception of this project and a large part of the marketing collateral created was designed specifically to help them get the word out to their supporters while still maintaining the Buy to Benefit brand.

KahrenR Design developed Buy to Benefit’s identity specifically to reflect its social roots with an icon that can be used in the same way as Facebook or Twitter. We then rolled out the new brand to the online store web design, blog design and development, promotional materials and social accounts.

As part of the blog and social media components of this project – banners, online ads, graphics and info-graphics for Buy to Benefit’s blog and social media accounts were created, these were then shared by participating charity partners on their social networks. Promotional DL cards for approved charities to distribute to stakeholders and supporters were also produced.