Project Description

Explaining product benefits online

Johno’s Livestock Feeders is an Australian owned family business specialising in the manufacture of two innovative products for the Australian farmer. The Livestock Feeder, a large bale feeder and Johno’s Feeding Trough – a hay, grain, pellet or water trough.

Johno has 70 years’ experience as a beef farmer and more than 20 years as a livestock agent, and having used many types of feeders himself, Geoff Johnson developed these original Feeders to solve the many problems inherent in other market offerings.

Johno’s Livestock Feeders had a website but it was virtually impossible to find even when using the business name in search engines. A relaunch was in order and together we took a wholistic approach – with a feature story submitted to Southern Farmer just after the new site launch. KahrenrR Design worked with Wendy Morris, a local Gippsland based journalist and photojournalist with a great deal experience writing farm stories, on the copy writing strategy. The entire site was rewritten with the benefits and value of the products kept front and centre supported by product photography to visually illustrate the benefits.

The website is working very hard for Geoff and he is receiving orders and developing new fans from all over Australia. Geoff has discovered that larger farms to the north are more prepared to invest in the product’s efficiency and keep coming back for more.