Project Description

    New business from past successes

    Vic Civil, established in 2008, is a young and energetic civil construction company with a can-do culture that was already impressing existing clients.

    Proud of their quality of service both for their clients and the community throughout Victoria and with an impressive environmental focus, the company also boasts a highly valued and loyal workforce.

    With an broad range of large projects under their belt – the aim for the website redevelopment was quite simple. Document completed projects and showcase current projects and make it easy to continue to update. Their previous site was doing them no favours at all and was impossible to control and update, so much so that the temptation was to take it down all together.

    We worked together to compile a large amount of illustrative on-site project images which form the bulk of the site’s content and showed potential clients what they were capable of in a very immediate way, greatly enhancing their already impressive credentials.

    The new website strategy has worked very well for Vic Civil with new inquiries for high value civil construction projects coming in very soon after the makeover was complete.